It rains 5 days a year

in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Today’s weather: High 84, Low 70.

Finding Fuzzy

If you’re paying close attention to my blog, as you surely are, you will have noticed the new link up top called “Finding Fuzzy.” It takes you to a nifty spreadsheet listing all the places I’ve been during these ten glorious months of wayfaring vagabondage, and some fuzzy future plans. The fuzziest items are in gray. If you want to know where I’ve been, where I am now, or where I might be soon, you now need look no further than that box. Amor de Chiapas a todos y todas.

Occupy the Constitution

Friends, getting money out of politics is possibly the most important issue we have to work on right now. If we can solve this problem, everything else we want to work for will be easier. Since the Supreme Court has overturned laws made by Congress to restrict corporate campaign contributions, the only remaining resort is the U.S. Constitution, officially the highest authority in the land.

A Constitutional amendment is not an easy task. Proposing it requires either a 2/3 majority of both houses of Congress, or a Constitutional Convention called by 2/3 of the state legislatures. Either way it must then be ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures to go into effect.

You can help right now by signing the petition at

I am making it my mission to help direct some of the energy of the Occupy movement into this effort. Tonight a proposal I brought was passed by consensus at Occupy Washington DC. You can read it here.

Next stop, Wall Street.

Occupy Something, Everything, Part I

The Occupy Wall Street movement started while I was at Dancing Rabbit, a rural ecovillage in Northeastern Missouri. When I heard about it, I thought about changing my plans and going back to New York so I could take part in what was shaping up to be the greatest social movement since the 60s. I’ve been waiting, longing, and working for this for pretty much my whole adult life, and it was finally happening, on the other end of the country from where I was going. Luckily, the idea spread fast, and by the time I arrived in LA the Occupy movement was in full swing there. I spent a wonderful week at Occupy LA, the beginning of a phase of occupy-hopping. I’ve been to nine occupations so far—LA, Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Seattle, Tacoma, Chicago, Toronto, and finally NYC—and counting.

Here are some pictures from my first stop on the Occupy Tour of the United States, Occupy LA. Much more to come.

Leave room for doubt

A tiny snippet from a wonderful conversation about philosophy, spirituality and the meaning of life with Nelson Tetreault, a new friend from Montreal…

Me: Do you believe in God?
Nelson: Intellectually, I leave room for doubt, because I think it’s healthy.

Naked Serendipity in Toronto

I was in Toronto last weekend for the annual Ontario Regional Contact Improv Jam, and then I took the train to Philadelphia. I was supposed to make the trip Monday but I was a little too fuzzy getting to the station and missed my train by a couple of minutes. But…

Reason #231 that trains are awesome:  Amtrak charges nothing to reschedule a reservation, even if you’ve already missed your train. 0 dollars and 0 cents. (Even in Canadian dollars.) You can alternatively get a travel voucher for the full amount you spent, or even a refund if you prefer, minus 10% I believe.

It also turned out to be a fantastically serendipitous mistake. I contacted a few people I met at the jam to find out if I could stay with one of them for an extra night, and I ended up getting invited to a “sauna night” at the house of a wonderful human named Jeff, which was basically a naked cuddle party with a few dozen people of all ages, races, and genders, most of whom get together for this experience every Monday night in Toronto. It was an amazingly beautiful scene, full of diversity, acceptance, tolerance, and love of human contact. And, of course, naked cuddling in every cranny. It had Fuzzy all over it. Why doesn’t this kind of thing happen everywhere?

Here are a couple of pictures from the jam:

Pictures from naked cuddling are not to be had, alas, but here is the note I left for Jeff, who hosts it every week:

(It says, “I want to be you when I grow up.”)

More pictures from Toronto:

Easiest Border Crossing Ever

I’m at the Canadian-US border right now, sitting on the train, getting work done while the CBP goons walk up and down the aisles asking people questions. No waiting in lines. No waiting in lines! I get to stay in my seat and work. I never even had to stand up. Of course, a few people had to go into the office to have their things inspected, but the large majority of the passengers just got to stay seated. And we’ll get to stay on the train we boarded in Toronto all the way to New York once the border people are done doing their thing. I think that’s pretty cool.

The other side of Niagara Falls

New Orleans I: “I could stay here for a while”


New Orleans, a set on Flickr.

Twin Oaks

So I spent three weeks at Twin Oaks doing a visitor period. Yes, I did that before, but this time I applied for membership—mostly just to put off the decision….

I didn’t take many pictures this time around, so some of these are from previous visits, but surprisingly little has changed :)

Oh yeah, and then I was in Atlanta for a week. Nothing terribly exciting there. Next stop, New Orleans. I’ll be there tonight (3 hours late because both of our engines broke down and we had to borrow a freight train engine and wait for it to arrive).

Daphne Vanita, Ukulele

My ukulele is now named Daphne Vanita, thanks to Emma of Woodfolk Community in Charlottesville, VA.