Occupy Something, Everything, Part I

The Occupy Wall Street movement started while I was at Dancing Rabbit, a rural ecovillage in Northeastern Missouri. When I heard about it, I thought about changing my plans and going back to New York so I could take part in what was shaping up to be the greatest social movement since the 60s. I’ve been waiting, longing, and working for this for pretty much my whole adult life, and it was finally happening, on the other end of the country from where I was going. Luckily, the idea spread fast, and by the time I arrived in LA the Occupy movement was in full swing there. I spent a wonderful week at Occupy LA, the beginning of a phase of occupy-hopping. I’ve been to nine occupations so far—LA, Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Seattle, Tacoma, Chicago, Toronto, and finally NYC—and counting.

Here are some pictures from my first stop on the Occupy Tour of the United States, Occupy LA. Much more to come.